Newly Redundant? 5 Pro Tips for Finding Work

Newly Redundant? 5 Pro Tips for Finding Work

Finding work in the digital era is easy if you know how. Here’s some sound advice from industry professionals.

Have you recently found yourself laid off and starting again in your latter years? A recent spate of redundancies meant to ease the pressure of the cost of living crisis on businesses is sweeping across the country. This comes off the back of the global pandemic, which has produced countless redundancies from the loss of businesses in every sector of industry. Put simply, finding work at the moment is as difficult as it is ever going to be. There are not as many jobs and the workforce is larger than ever before.

Have no fear. We can advise you on some of the best tips for finding work to suit you. Be you an engineer, a mechanic, or a computer technician, here is our best advice to help you get back on track.

5 Ways to Boost Your Chances of Finding Work

Here are our top tips for finding work as a newly redundant person in 2022.

1 – Use Recruitment Sites

The old days of turning up to the Job Centre to sign on are behind us. Admittedly, those on Universal Credit still need to comply with the job centre’s advice. Otherwise, however, the world of job hunting has moved entirely online. There are millions upon millions of job sites which offer you the chance to search for work. We prefer Hays Recruitment since it offers you UK based roles. It also allows you to upload your own CV, so you can find engineering work near you without even being online at the time. Sites like Hays double your chances of successfully finding positions.

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2 – Get on LinkedIn

Again, gone are the days of finding work through machines you use in your local job searching centre. Now it’s all done online, right down to the marketing. You see, if you want to find work in 2022, you need to advertise yourself as much as a business advertises positions available. Set yourself up on social media as a professional who knows what they are talking about. After that, finding work should be far easier.

3 – Offer yourself as a Consultant

If you already know your role very well, and if you already have years of experience, why not set yourself up as a consultant? There are plenty of firms looking for advice in your field, who don’t wish to pay a full time salary for someone they could hire for one off roles. Setting yourself up as a consultant lets you help them out without the commitment of a full time job Everyone wins.

4 – Use Career Fairs

There are regular career fairs at institutions throughout the UK. If you recently reskilled, then your college or university will run career fairs at the beginning and end of each year. This helps those who recently graduated to find roles with firms that are friends of the university.

5 – Go Company Direct

Is there a firm that you have always wanted to work for? If so, now is the time. Contact them directly and be honest about what you expect. Ask what it would take to begin working for them and you might just land your dream job.