Top Tips to Make Yourself Stand Out at Work

Top Tips to Make Yourself Stand Out at Work

Do you seek to better your life through bettering your career prospects? Improving upon your position at work could improve your situation at home, too.

The more money you make, the better for your lifestyle. The other end of this dilemma is that the more hours we spend at work, the less time we have to enjoy that lifestyle. This is where work – life balance comes in. You can either have excessive income or excessive home time. You can balance them, but you can’t have it both ways. Then, the aim becomes to make as much money as we can in as short a time as possible. That’s why we need to stand out at work to start changing our situations.

If you’d like to change your home and work life for the better, we hear you. We put together a list of a few simple things you can do to help yourself stand out to your employers. Making yourself indispensable is making yourself money. Let’s discuss how you can do that.

How To Be an Essential Employee (and Get Promoted Faster)

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you need to be in the right role. So our first tip is to find a place to work where there are lots of opportunities for advancing your position and your pay scale. You can only climb the ladder if the company has levels to ascend. Otherwise, here are some easy ways to make your self stand out in the workforce.

7 Unexpected Habits That Make You Stand Out At Work

1 – Train Yourself

Don’t wait for the company to suggest training to you – you suggest training to the company. Suggest to your employer that you would like an integrated LMS platform where you can manage all of your training in one place. You can upload materials, they can upload specialist materials, and you can complete courses online. They stay in the learning management system for future reference, and you never lose track of the training you’ve already completed. It’s easy to keep track of refresher materials, too. There’s a great example of an integrated LMS offered by Hays Education.

2 – Become an Expert in your Field

If you are the walking thesaurus regarding your work, everyone will come to you to ask questions when they need answers. Becoming an expert means you are the one to promote in any given situation. It also lets you choose a skill that no one else in the office has, in order to stand out. If you know everything about your role, you know about things that others often overlook. This means you can take charge of that area and the office might just make up a new title to suit your new work.

3 – Take Lead on Hard Tasks

When it comes to the difficult stuff, the stuff that nobody wants to do – things like compliance and permissions, make sure you say yes. Take lead on these difficult tasks. Be known as the person that rolls up their sleeves and gets to it. Ignore the difficulty and drive a team to excel, even if it is hard to do. This is the fastest way to promotion, but it also earns you difficult tasks next time around, too.