Utilizing Device-Free & EQ-Centric Programs Make Your Kid’s Early Year Foundation Stage Stronger

Utilizing Device-Free & EQ-Centric Programs Make Your Kid’s Early Year Foundation Stage Stronger

nIntelligent Parenting is all about hand-picking the best values for their children and is not about just controlling them. Anyone can do policing but providing the essential circle of love, support system, dynamic knowledge, safety and respect is the legal heir that only a parent could transfer. All the vital elements of this family web should be wisely spun in the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage of a child with a device-free EQ centric program.

How Would You Define ‘Good Education’ In A Digitally Knitted 21st Century?

When the 21st century totally relies on computer brains rather than human minds, a virtuous and healthy education that is device-free and emotionally intelligent is all that we need. With that being heard right, is learning without devices in this technical era possible in the first place? Time to dig our heads into detail about its advantages.

Benefits Of A Device-Free Learning Program:

This is how modern parents react when they are being educated about the innumerable benefits on the child’s brain health in a device-free learning environment.

  1. When everything on earth has turned digital, is it okay to proceed with our children’s education without accessing any devices?
  2. Is that a wise decision for my child?
  3. Will not our kids be outdated?
  4. I fear that my child would learn less without devices than my neighbor’s child who learns lots of new stuff everyday through her iPad and iPhone.
  5. I guess you’re mean and that is totally impossible.
  6. Would the output turn out to be beneficial and worth the time?

If you are a parent of a preschooler and if you have all these questions in your mind on choosing a gadget-free learning program at home for your kid, then trust me ‘You are absolutely right’ with the right questions.

What difference can unplugging and introducing your child to a device-free learning methodology do? Here you go with the answers for all your dilemmas. Science strongly states that 92% of the human brain development occurs in the EYFS – Early years foundation stage – 2 to 4.5 years of age.

Presenting an emotionally intelligent learning without devices brings all the goodness in the world more than your gadgets could drive in.

Few among them are:

1. Fosters The Social And Communication Skills:

The quintessential building blocks of human life lies in communicating and building relationships. Devices instill the danger of hurting or cutting off this bonding and slows down the process of learning communication skills.

Sticking to gadgets can hurt… Wondering how? Numerous studies have witnessed that lack of conversation ends up delaying the progression of speech and languages and injure the social skills of your child.

V-Progress No. 1: Learning in the warmth and love of a parent instills enormous confidence in the child, where he/she learns to communicate with the world and develops a never-ending bonding with the parent.

2. Supports Reading Emotions Better:

The most unbelievable finding is that human eyes can record 36,000 visual messages every hour. Just imagine the intensity of things that our kids can learn just by having eye-contact instead of looking into the face of the devices.

Looking into the eyes of people supports the ability to understand things better and read out emotions of people in front of them.

V-Progress No. 2: Emotions and pictures could teach so many things beautifully than just words. This is the kind of impact that sign languages have created in the lives of physically-challenged people.

Taking out devices from your kids’ lives during these early years would certainly help them in having eye contact and facing the odds by looking the world into its eyes bravely.

3. Helps Nurture The Art Of Writing:

The write-to-learn is an ancient wisdom of learning. Neuroscience strongly states that writing aids in repeating the learned activity and retrieving the memory, which assists in building stronger hard-wired connections in the brain.

Gadgets are a certain curse on shrinking the process of writing in young children, especially when they learn to hold pencils and pens.

V-Progress No. 3: We still have fresh memories of our Mothers holding our hands in writing during our kindergartens. This is a greater legacy that we need to transfer to our little ones as well.

Training our young ones to hold pens and write their hearts certainly has a positive impact on the fine and gross motor skills and the hand-eye coordination capability of the child.

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4. Inspires To Think Out Of The Box:

Just like our fingerprints, creativity is also unique for every individual. The way to think, visualize and express needs to be laid a stronger foundation in the early years.

The power of imagination leads to innovation. Relying upon gadgets restricts the curiosity to learn new things and think differently.

This is the main cause for the fall in the problem solving abilities of our younger generation. The rigidity of our education system just facilitates children to reproduce the material that they’ve memorized from the books.

V-Progress No.4: A device-free, interactive and emotionally bonding preschool program is a sure shot way to kindle the out-of-the-box thinking of your child as they are given the liberty to learn, think and progress in a holistic approach.

5. Encourages Emotional Intelligence:

EQ is the need of the hour rather than IQ. World needs individuals who are emotionally intelligent more than being ‘Just Intelligent.’

Children who are taught emotional intelligence in the early years are proven to succeed in their personal as well as professional lives. The few of the many benefits of an emotionally intelligent child are:

  • Develop a strong sense of empathy and understand self and others better.
  • Showcases absolute intelligence in managing behavioral difficulties like anger and grief.
  • Lives life with a sense of purpose and expects a virtuous benefit rather than just a monetary gain.
  • Showcases a gracious personality with absolute politeness and respect for others.
  • And are receptive to change.

V-Progress No. 5: The ultimate good news is that every child has the ability to learn and adopt emotional intelligence until they have an inspiring parent to teach them emotional acumen.

V-Progress Is The Victory Of Being A Vaekke Parent:

Be a Vaekke parent today to nurture the emotional intelligence, sensorial skills, speech and language ability, the power of creativity and the cognitive power of your child.

Empowered with a Structured Montessori activities, Froebel approach and Real world learning methodology, Vaekke is a revolutionary device-free, EQ centric preschool program that supports the natural learning ability in your child, while strengthening the emotional bonding with the parent. This parent-child kinesthetic approach guides the parents with simple activities through a daily activity sheet to love, learn and inspire.

What’s The Best Thing A Parent Could Give Their Children?

The sign of a person who has had an education is good manners. Good education and manners are the foundation in which the child’s future is raised upon. These are the priceless assets that can never be stolen and nourish the child’s life till eternity. Give your child the best asset with the Vaekke advantage today.