Where to Go-Kart Near Me in Baltimore

Where to Go-Kart Near Me in Baltimore

Go-karting has been around for ages. The first-ever go-kart was created by a man named Art Ingles in 1956 and was almost an immediate hit, with go-kart racing becoming a popular sport nationwide in only a few years. It’s easy to see why, it’s a lot of fun to go zooming around in those little karts. If you’ve found yourself wondering “where is the best place to go-kart near me?” and you live in the Baltimore area then this article was written specifically for you.

Safety First

Go-karting can be an inherently risky activity. Humans aren’t really meant to go much faster than 20 miles an hour, and the physics behind going fast can be a little troubling. That is, if the proper safety precautions aren’t taken to ensure your ride is as safe as possible. 

That’s one of the reasons why we recommend Baltimore’s indoor racetrack so highly. They take painstaking measures to ensure the safety of all of their customers to ensure that your fun afternoon stays just as fun as it can.

Many of the ways they ensure your safety started before they even purchased their karts. Hours of painstaking research were spent finding high-performance electric go-karts. They decided to go with a third-generation Italian model.

These go-karts come with a four-point safety harness that’s just as high quality as the pros use. They’re also sleek and designed to be weighted in such a way that tipping and flipping are unlikely, but just to be extra sure each kart has a roll bar to further lower the risk of either of those occurring.

The track has advanced guard rails that are designed to help soften your impact even if you hit them going full speed. It’s still recommended to avoid crashing into the guardrails at full speed, but if you do, you won’t feel the full force of the impact. The staff also has the power to slow or even stop karts if necessary, so if there’s something dangerous on the course they can stop everyone to avoid potential injury from it. 

Safety’s Fine, but Speed is Key

No one wants to go to a go-kart course that sacrificed all of their speed for safety, and Baltimore’s indoor go-kart track has managed to retain the speed without making your experience any more dangerous. It’s taken them a good deal of precautions, but they want to be sure that you have as much fun as possible while still keeping safety in mind.

That’s why their karts have an amazing 20 horsepower that can make them go up to 50 miles an hour. That’s faster than a moped can go, and you can drive it pedal to the metal throughout the full course if you want to, but mind the turns. 

The karts are also extremely easy to handle by design. Even in the hands of a first-timer, these karts will move like a dream. You can take turns butter smooth with minimal effort so long as you’re paying attention to the course. 

Lastly, these courses are optimized for racing. With a max capacity of 10 karts at a time you can easily have a heated race from start to finish, and even get your lap times with accuracy down to 1/100th of a second with their incredible sensors. 

Go-Karting is for All Experience Levels

Most people don’t like the type of people that try to limit accessibility to a hobby based on experience, and that’s why Baltimore’s indoor go-karting track does everything it can to cater to people of all skill levels. Speeding around a track in a go-kart is one of the greatest things to do on an adventurous outing. Go-karting is supposed to be a fun task, and it should be easy enough that anyone can just hop into a kart and zoom away.