10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

While epitomising true love, we have to mention the kind of unconditional love plants holds for us humans. But in return, how we treat them is an utter shame! We all know the soaring levels of pollution, global warming and other environmental hazards that are currently taking place due to us neglecting the health of Mother Nature or the Planet Earth. Not just our outdoors, but indoors of our house is getting polluted. Under such a scenario, there is absolutely no-one, other than plants who could have saved us. But quite just like your own child, plants even require your love, time, attention and care. And many of us have not much time to invest in nurturing them, that’s why we end up killing them – in the name of exploiting them for their innate blissful properties. But what if we told you that there happened to be some indoor plants which are low maintenance and doesn’t require much of your care? Yes, you heard us! Over this article, we would suggest the names of 10 such plants which will ooze out its goodness without asking for much, in return.

  • Lucky Bamboo – Grows well in water as well in soil, a lucky bamboo plant is believed to bless one with good luck, other than cleansing the air around. You can get a bamboo plant for home in a different layering and at different prices. Choose wisely!
  • Snake Plant – Known as Mother-in-law’s tongue plant, a snake plant is known to be an excellent carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene cleanser form the air.
  • Peace Lily – Having serene white flowers, a peace lily plant is said to bring peace and harmony, other than being an excellent air-purifying plant. This plant is perfect for people who live close to major roads with a lot of traffic, such as the residents of Amaia Skies Avenida in Santa Cruz, Manila. Peace lilies keep your home clean and the air you breathe fresh.

  • Spider Plant – The fancy, bushy spider plant oozes out oxygen and purifies the toxins from the air like a pro.
  • Aloe Vera – The master of all plants, Aloe Vera has got medicinal or therapeutic properties other than it being a natural purifier. It does well for 3-4 days without even getting watered.
  • Money Plant – Just like lucky bamboo, this plant can even do well in both soil and water. Money plant is a Feng Shui plant which is said to bring financial luck to its owner.

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  • Areca Palm – The butterfly palm aka areca palm plant is said to have one of the highest transpiration rates among other plant species, and it requires low maintenance.
  • Grape Ivy – The gorgeous leaves of this plant is sure to melt one’s heart into tears with its appeal, thereafter it shall simultaneously look into purifying the indoors of your house. Hence, beauty and low maintenance – a win-win situation for you to bring this plant indoors. Isn’t it?
  • Calathea Peacock – This plant with ist decorative leaves is indeed a heart charmer and a non-toxic plant which makes it safe for your pets and children to be around it.
  • Begonia – A flowering plant, having low light and water requirements will make a beautiful addition to your indoor houseplant collection.

So, get some of these plants right away from your local nursery or some online one.