5 Warning Signs Your Commercial Refrigerator Needs Repair

5 Warning Signs Your Commercial Refrigerator Needs Repair

A commercial refrigerator is more than likely a very large, important investment for your company. If they stop working, even for a short period of time, it can cost thousands of dollars in lost food products and business.

That is why it is so important to conduct routine maintenance on these vital pieces of equipment and pay attention to signs that something is beginning to go wrong. That way, you can fix the problem before the entire unit needs to be replaced. Let’s look at five tell-tale signs that it’s time for a commercial fridge repair.

High Temperatures

First and foremost, you should have a thermometer in your refrigerator to check the temperature, as it is often required by law; even when it is not, it is best practice to do so. We recommend purchasing one separate from the fridge’s built-in thermometer, and even using more than one in different places throughout the unit.

If you’re noticing higher temperatures, it’s time for some commercial fridge repair. This is especially true if spikes are occurring even during times of lower usage, when the doors are not being opened frequently. It’s normal for the temperature to rise a bit when the doors are being opened over and over, such as during a lunch rush. Try checking first thing in the morning after they’ve been closed all night.

In addition, look for variations in temperature by moving the thermometer around to different places in the fridge. Some small differences are to be expected; however, generally speaking, the entire fridge should be cooled consistently within a few degrees. Larger variances are a sign of a problem.

Water Puddles

Puddles of water around your commercial refrigerator are also a major sign of deterioration. There are several reasons why the fridge could be leaking, including overheating, a clogged drainage hose, or any number of other problems that a professional can diagnose and fix before the entire appliance needs to be replaced.

This is even more dangerous because the pooled water could cause damage to your floors or surrounding furnishings or cause an accident for staff or patrons, which opens your business to damages or even a lawsuit.

Food Spoilage and Customer Complaints

Have you begun to notice that food in your refrigerator isn’t lasting as long, or even spoiling before its expiration? Or have customers complained about spoiled or sub-par food coming from your refrigerator? If so, this could have a negative impact on your business’s reputation. It could cause bigger problems if the health inspector pays a visit.

Often, these problems are a result of uneven cooling and rising temperatures. As we stated above, higher temperatures are one of the biggest signs that the fridge needs maintenance or has a problem.

Higher Energy Costs

A spike in your electric or energy bill could be a sign that your refrigerator needs repair. A commercial fridge uses a lot of energy to begin with, so if it’s struggling to cool and working overtime, you might notice an otherwise inexplicable rise on your next bill.

If you do, this means that the fridge is working much harder than it should to keep cool. Not only is this expensive, but it also means that the routine wear and tear on the refrigerator is too high. Pay attention to the fridge: is it running more than normal? Is it much louder than it used to be? It could stop working entirely soon, so take care of this immediately by scheduling diagnostics with a repair professional.

Ice or Frost on the Exterior

Finally, if you’re seeing more frost on the fridge or even ice on the exterior, that is another sign that the unit is not cooling properly and is in need of some kind of repair. What’s more, it can be an obvious indication of a problem to customers as well. You should also look for ice forming on the evaporator coils, and call a professional if you notice this happening.

Schedule Commercial Fridge Repair

If you found yourself in agreement with one or more of these common warning signs, be sure to call a professional immediately. It may prevent lost business and even save your refrigerator from needing to be replaced.