Business Loan Vs. Personal Loan – Which One Is a Prudent Choice

Business Loan Vs. Personal Loan – Which One Is a Prudent Choice

Discussed here elaborately is the distinction between business and personal loans.

Some important takeaways you must note – 

1) Business and personal loans are the 2 most common kinds of loans available in the market.

2) Personal loans can be used to finance distinct expenditures like weddings, vacation planning, medical exigencies, etc.

3) Business loan is meant to finance your various aspects of business-like capital infusion, expansion, purchasing machinery, etc.

4) Typically, a personal loan is unsecured in nature while a business loan might or not be unsecured in nature.

5) Personal loan is approved with minimal documentation. However, in the case of a business loan, you must submit the required documents as requested by the lender.

Introduction – 

A loan is one of the crucial services provided by financial institutions like Tata Capital personal loan, IDFC FIRST bank, Bank of India, State Bank of India, etc. It allows you to make payments for distinct types of expenditures and is available in distinct kinds. Typically, the lender disburses loan proceeds and levies interest on the same. You must repay the loan in EMIs (equated monthly instalments) over a stipulated repayment tenure. The two most common kinds of loans availed by individuals include business and personal loans. So, what’s the distinction between a business loan and a personal loan? Let’s understand below.

What’s A Personal Loan?

Whether it is something well-planned like kitchen remodelling or a wedding or an unanticipated disaster like a healthcare exigency, a personal loan can assist save you from such financial issues. A personal loan is offered by non-banking financial companies or NBFCs and banks. So, a personal loan is the most prudent option to meet all your pressing cash needs. This kind of loan is even addressed as an unsecured loan as it does not need you to put up any security or collateral with the financial institution. Also, once you apply for a personal loan, you can also check the personal loan status. Suppose you applied for the Tata Capital personal loan, which was approved within 2 days, however, the loan amount was not disbursed yet. So, to know the tata capital personal loan status, you can visit its official website online and input the personal loan application ID and other asked details to know your loan’s status.

What Are The Benefits Of A Personal Loan?

Can Personal Loan Be Used to Start a Business?SoFi

The basic difference between a business and a personal loan is that the latter is a multipurpose loan, and the former is just designed to meet your business needs. Unlike a business loan or for this matter, any other particular loan like a home loan, 4-wheeler loan, or auto loan, there’s no regulation on cash usage. This loan type is often considered the “Jack of all” and can be utilised to finance whatever desire you have or your requirements, may it be a vacation by the beach or a high-end gadget that you have been looking to purchase.

With minimal documentation like income proof, identity proof and address proof, the loan is quickly processed and generally is disbursed on the same date. As there’s zero security or collateral attached, the documentation is less, and the loan disbursal is seamless. Also, a personal loan generally has a few fundamental eligibility factors like a good credit score and minimum monthly income requirement, which you must meet to attain the personal loan proceeds in a hassle-free manner.

What’s A Business Loan?

To compare thoroughly business loans vs. personal loans, read on to understand what the former is about. As the saying goes “for making wealth, you need some wealth initially”. If you are planning to begin a business, then a business loan is an appropriate choice as it can give you the head start you are looking for. If you hold an established business, however, you are looking to upgrade the technology then you must ensure to inject in some capital or also hire some new talents.

What Are The Benefits Of Opting For A Business Loan?

The most crucial benefit of opting for a business loan is it’s attractive as well as a reasonable rate of interest. Just as with personal loans, lenders generally do not interfere with how the loan is used as long as the funds are pumped into any of the business-linked expenditures. As a business loan borrower, you are completely free to use the proceeds according to your needs.

The most crucial aspect of using a business loan is that you do not require sharing your profits or gains with the lender. The NBFCs and banks are highly concerned with just the monthly EMI payments that you have promised to serve. As per IT ACT 1961, interest payable on business loans generally is tax deductible for up to a particular limit.

A considerable distinction between business and personal loans is that the latter is often unsecured in nature. In contrast, a business loan may be unsecured and secured in nature based on the loan proceeds you have applied for. Generally, you do not require pledging security if the loan proceeds required are smaller, but considerable security or collateral might be required if this exceeds a particular amount. The lender decides the limits for unsecured and secured business loans and ensures that this limit differs from one lender to another.

Business loan vs. Personal loan

Here Are Various Parameters Highlighted To Illustrate The Distinction Between Business Loans And Personal Loans –

You can use a personal loan for any purpose, and you do not usually require giving any explanation to the bank while obtaining the same. However, in the case of a business loan, you require to substantiate reasons for availing the proceeds and how you look to use the borrowed funds in your business.

While comparing business vs. personal loans, you must note that the latter is generally unsecured, wherein no security or collateral is required. However, in the case of a business loan, banks might ask you to provide collateral, which can be your office space, factory, etc. if you require a high loan proceed.