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    Are Dryland Ice Tiles Synthetic Ice?

    Synthetic ice is a pretty amazing invention. It allows for ice skaters to skate on an ice-like surface year-round without cooling systems or indoor rinks. People can even create their own ice rinks at home in their backyards or garages. As awesome as synthetic ice tiles are, there is another type of hockey flooring that is becoming pretty popular these days. Dryland hockey flooring. But aren’t they the same? Synthetic ice and dryland tiles are both ice-like flooring and are very popular, but they are quite a bit different.

    Synthetic Ice Panels

    Synthetic ice is made out of a special polymer plastic that allows for rugged, long-lasting practice sessions and games. The idea came out in the 1950s when skaters wanted to find a better way to practice ice skating than to have to build a whole refrigerated arena, or waiting for winter. At first, synthetic ice did not do very well in the real world. The people that used it had to continually pour lubricants on it to make it slick. This, as you can imagine, caused many problems and made huge messes. Over a span of 20 years or so the inventors kept at it until they developed a different kind of plastic that could endure the abuse of ice skaters, and only had to be lubricated monthly.

    • Self-lubricated
    • Easy sliding for ice skates
    • Smooth for hockey pucks
    • Shoot realistic goals

    Now in the late 20th Century science and technology have far surpassed the dinosaur days of the 1980s. The synthetic ice flooring of today is much stronger, lighter, and better. High-quality synthetic ice from Sniper’s Edge Hockey even has its own built-in self-lubricating system so that you never have to pour any extra lubricants or additives on your flooring. All you have to do is lay it down and skate on it.

    Dryland Hockey Flooring

    Dryland hockey flooring, also known as “slick tiles” is becoming more and popular these days as hockey players are finding themselves stuck at home during the pandemic. This kind of flooring is very slick, much like ice, and allows for the pucks to glide across it just like they would on ice. Tiles come in 1-foot by 1-foot tiles that easily snap together on a flat surface to build a great hockey flooring area. They are extremely versatile and rugged so they can withstand the heat of hockey practice. They are made out of special plastic as well, but the biggest difference between dryland tiles and synthetic ice is that you can not ice skate on dryland tiles. They work great for inline skates, and tennis shoes, but ice skates are not welcome in the slightest bit. In fact, if you try to ice skate on them you will most likely get hurt. Dryland flooring is designed for pucks, and stickhandling so you can practice shots and passes, but not for ice skate training.

    Skating and Flooring

    As we mentioned above you can’t ice skate on dryland flooring, and it is dangerous to even try. Adding to that, you can’t rollerblade on synthetic ice. As it turns out synthetic ice was made specifically for ice skaters. You can shoot pucks and ice skate on it, but when it comes to treating it like typical flooring, you just can’t. If you think about it, modern-day synthetic ice has built-in lubricants that keep it nice and slick. Imagine trying to rollerblade on a lubricated surface. You can even go a step further and imagine trying to roller skate on an ice rink. Not such a good idea, huh? You can probably see that there is a huge difference between dryland flooring and synthetic ice flooring. Both are excellent ways to sharpen your hockey skills, however, each floor has its own properties and you will need to figure out whether you are committed to ice skates, or rollerblades. Although, you could always build both flooring types if you have the room.

  • How To Use A Hockey Tarp

    How To Use A Hockey Tarp

    Using a hockey tarp is one of the best ways to sharpen your shooting and aiming skills. All you have to do is hang it up wherever you can make it work and it will be there for you. The best thing about it is that it protects your walls and appliances from damage from crazy, heated pucks. If you are thinking about buying a shooting tarp, get excited. Your life is about to get better.

    Hang Your Tarp

    The way that the Sniper’s Edge shooting tarp was designed you can easily set it up and get it going. It has perfectly spaced holes with grommets on the top of the tarp where you can sturdily hang it from the ceiling with an eye hook or even a bicycle hook. Simply measure out where you want the tarp to hang, and mark the grommet places. Drill small pilot holes in the beam above where you want your tarp to hang and insert the eye hooks, or bicycle hooks. This way you can simply hook the eyelets through the grommets on the tarp and have a solid, strong shooting tarp within minutes.

    Focus On Your Aim

    Take the time to set up your tarp, then start using it to focus on your aim. You can use a shooting pad, or even just shoot from the ground. The goaltender on the tarp has places for you to aim at that are tried and tested as perfect areas to aim when you want to score goals. You can focus on a pile of pucks to constantly slap towards the goal, or use a puck rebounder to help you focus on one-timers. However you decide to use your tarp, is up to you but be prepared to learn a lot.

    Incorporate Other Training Aids

    Hockey rebounders, shooting tiles, they all are vital equipment for players looking to develop their abilities even more. If you set up a practice for outdoors you may run into some problems due to the changing seasons, but you can practice inside or out and get great results.

    With an indoor shooting tarp, you can set up your area just how you need it. You will not have to move products around every time you want to play, and you won’t need to worry about the weather because you will be indoors. Whatever training aids you incorporate will end up being a great investment in the end. Hockey floor tiles are great for indoor hockey practice and they don’t cost as much as you might think.

    Practice Hard

    When you have a well-built shooting tarp from Sniper’s Edge, you can hit the puck as hard as you want to and not have to worry about breaking the walls or the car, or any appliances. The tarp is built to handle fast-flying pucks without a problem. Set yourself up so that you have a big stack of pucks and shoot at your targets over and over again until you become the perfect sniper.

  • Hockey Stickhandling Trainer Drills

    Hockey Stickhandling Trainer Drills

    Sweethands is an amazing hockey stickhandling trainer. If you combine this with a set of slick tiles and a durable hockey shooting tarp you get the perfect hockey training area that will help to boost your game to the top. We have put together some great training drills that you can use to beef up your stickhandling skills, all you have to do is show up for yourself and practice.

    Back and Forth Deke

    Place your Sweethands rails parallel on the floor in front of you about two feet apart. Start out on the far left of the rails. Slap the puck, from the outside to the right so that it goes through the first slot and into the middle of the rails. Stop the puck in the middle. Slap it back and forth three times. Slap the puck to the outside right and stop it. Now slap the puck back through from the right to the middle again and repeat the back and forth three times. Slap it back out to the outside left and stop it. Now, move upward through the spaces on the rails until you reach the top farthest away from you. When you reach the top space of the rails, slap the puck to the outside right and deke a shot into the target of your choice on the hockey tarp.

    Figure Eight Deke

    Place the Sweethands rails in front of you horizontally parallel approximately three feet apart. Make sure that they are between you and your shooting tarp. Start out in front of the first rail with your puck. Maneuver yourself, your stick, and your puck around the first rail, in between the two rails. Direct your puck to the opposite side of the rails diagonally so that you curve in a an almost “S” motion. Bring the puck back around and over the top of the top rail and criss-cross it back over diagonally. Bring the puck back into the center, then back around. This will bring your puck around in a figure “8” from the bottom, across the middle, over the top, and back down again. Do the first one slowly, then build up your speed. When you build your speed up, go through the drill up to the top of the “8” then take your deke shot into the hockey tarp goal.

    The Hop Deke

    This drill only calls for one Sweethands rail. Place the rail in front of you on the flooring so that the top of it is pointing at your hockey tarp. Start at the bottom of the rail with your puck to the left and your body positioned to spring. Have your puck positioned on the right side of the rails, but your body on the left. Slap the puck towards your left through the slots of the rail as you hop your body to the right side. Repeat this while you make your way to the top of the rail towards the shooting tarp. When you finish the last pass at the top, slap a deke move towards the goal and hit whatever target hole you choose.

    Have Fun

    Have fun and be creative. Practicing and training do not always have to be serious.  You can incorporate different drills into one drill so that you can get a broad exercise system going that strengthens multiple moves and balancing strategies. Be consistent, and stay at it. Greatness is coming your way.

  • Slick

    What Exactly Are Slick Tiles?

    Slick tiles, also known as dryland hockey floor tiles, are a type of flooring that is designed to mimic the slickness of real ice for hockey players. One of the greatest things about them is that they can be assembled just about anywhere and turn a regular area into a full-on hockey training rink. Although they are not made to accommodate ice skates, they work great with inline skates, or sneakers. They are strong enough to endure years of hard practice and training from even the roughest of hockey players.

    Sniper’s Edge Slick Tiles

    Snipers Edge slick tiles are above and beyond the regular tiles that other companies sell. This type of tile is made out of an extra durable polymer plastic that has special ingredients that make the surface slick enough to feel and act like real ice. The slickness lasts for years to come and does not need any add-ons. This means that you don’t have to go out and buy any extra stuff to make them slick, they already have it.

    Tiles that Bond

    Each tile is a square that has tabs on each side that are designed to seamlessly bond with the next tile. This way when you set them side by side they become a solid floor without any cracks or rough edges. When you practice with pucks on the flooring, they glide easily across the surface the same way they would if it were on ice.

    One Square Foot

    Sniper’s Edge Hockey offers the best set of slick tiles available on the market today. You can purchase a box of 20 tiles that are one square foot apiece. With just one box you can make a 20 square foot area for hockey practice.

    Versatility And Quality

    Slick tiles are of very high-quality and are extremely versatile. You can use as many as you’d like to fill a whole room and create a whole hockey rink for players to play on. Or you can use 4 or 5 in a strip to specifically practice hockey shots into a goal. Because the tiles are so strong and durable you can put them together, pull them apart, and put them back together again over and over without damaging the quality of the tile.

    Practice Or Real Games

    As we discussed earlier it is not good to use real ice skates on the tiles. However, you can play some really good hockey in rollerblades. The slick surface is perfect for passing the puck and making shots, just like real ice. You can spend hours on end in practice, by yourself with a puck rebounder and a shooting tarp, or you can make a rink for you and all of your team to play real-life games on.

    Training Matters

    Whether you practice on real ice, ice tiles, or even asphalt every bit of training counts. After a while of constant training and conditioning, your body develops muscle memory. This means that the things you practice will become automatic when you need them the most. Keep practicing, continue to train, and stay focused in all that you do. This is how champions are forged.

  • Online Casino

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  • Skateboarding

    Skateboarding At Tokyo 2021 Olympics – One Minute Sport

    Skateboarding is a fun activity for some, a way to stay healthy for health-conscious people, and a mode of transportation for some other. There are no bounds and boundaries to this action-oriented sport. Skateboarding is on a continuous track of popularity and widely played all over the world. The good news for skateboarding fans is that it is going to be part of the summer Olympics 2021 Tokyo, Japan this year. So, get ready to participate and enjoy live actions on the ground.

    In this guide, we will cover all the aspects relating to this sport and what Tokyo Olympics 2021 is going to offer for skateboarding. To learn more about it, continue reading;

    A Timeline History Of Skateboarding

    Skateboarding is a popular action sport that is played worldwide. It requires the riders to perform some tricks and action on a skateboard. It was announced late in 2016 that skateboarding will be part of the Olympics in 2021. The history of skateboarding goes back to the 1920s and 1930s when the surfers wanted to do some fun on flat waves. It is said that the first skateboard was manufactured in Los Angeles surf shop that gave an opportunity to the surfers to show their surfing skills on land.

    In the 1970s an instant rise has been seen in the manufacturing of skateboards and many companies started to produce high-quality and innovative designs of boards to meet surfer’s needs on land. In the beginning, skaters found empty pools and streets to cruise around but with the ever-growing popularity of the sport, a great revolution in skateboarding has been reported. This has given rise to the competition among competitors and modern-day technology has incorporated in making of the skateboards.

    Hence, instead of simple wooden material boards, contemporary design maple wood boards with enhanced features and styles were presented into the market. Skateboarding sport has become sophisticated with every passing year and today we can see that it has taken off all the major action sports and making its debut in Tokyo 2021 Olympics this year.

    Event Program Olympics 2021

    There will be two main categories on the skateboarding program at Tokyo 2021 Olympics that is street and park skateboarding. In these events, both men and women can participate and show their skills. It will be a great occasion where you can participate and demonstrate your special skateboarding skills in front of the whole world.

    Street Skateboarding For Men And Women

    In street skateboarding, a complete street-like ambiance will be given which will include curbs, stairs, benches, walls, slopes, and handrails. Each of the participants will be given the chance to use each of the areas in order to show their skills and tricks on the range of different street-like premises. The judges will take all important factors into account while giving their remarks on an individual’s performances such as height, actions, moves, level of difficulty, speed, execution of curves and degree of originality. The overall performance will be evaluated on these criteria and skateboarders will be given marks on that basis.

    portrait-cheerful-young-woman-holding-skateboard_171337-11849.jpg (626×417)

    Skateboarders usually perform tricks like ‘Ollie’ in which rider and the board are in the air for a moment. This trick is done when the rider wants to get over the rails or curbs without using the hands. This trick seems difficult while skilled riders can easily perform this. In a competition like the Olympics, riders will try to show all their skills in order to get the highest marks.

    Skateboard Stances

    There are different ways a rider stand on a skateboard. Such as

    1. Regular stance
    2. Goofy stance
    3. Fakie stance
    4. Nollie stance
    5. Switch stance

    Moreover, flip tricks are very common in skateboarding. In this, the rider meticulously flips the skateboard while being in the air and then catches back the board before landing. Most of the skateboarders perform the flipping tricks in such a way that the viewer perceives it to have magnets in the feet. But, this is what their skateboarding skills demand. So, in this event, each rider is going to show what stance they usually do and how well they can ride the board.

    In addition, earlier the decks of the skateboards were made of fiberglass, the material which was more prone to wear and tear. But since 1980s skateboard decks are manufactured with maple wood material, which is known for long-lasting quality and strength. Hard maple wood is considered to be strong, reliable and durable and can maintain the perfect balance while giving flexibility.

    Park Skateboarding For Men And Women

    In a park skateboarding competition in Tokyo 2021 Olympics, a range of curving routes will be designed for complicated curves. The performer will be doing tricks and actions in bowl-like dishes and domes routes. The attraction of the park competition will be seeing the riders achieving the highest curves at the fastest speed. This will also account for performing mid-air tricks that will be dangerous yet entertaining for the crowd at the Olympics.

    An Outlook Of The Tokyo 2021 Olympics Games

    Tokyo 2021 Olympics will provide a unique and entertaining experience for all sports lovers in a dynamic urban location. In skateboarding, the skater will give the chance to freely choose any part of the categories defined above and whatever tricks he/she wants to perform. For instance, if the same tricks are performed by the various riders, the judgment will be given on the performance and level of speed the rider has attained. Apart from speed, the marks will be given based on tricks which are more difficult to perform.

    In addition, the Tokyo 2021 Olympics judges for skateboarding will also take various other measures into account while evaluating the performance of the riders such as consistency, flow, timing and the extent to which the rider can remain in the air while taking moves and shifting sides.

    It is also said that the music will also contribute to making the overall ambiance more youthful and vibrant. It will give more opportunity to deliver a unique Tokyo Olympics event while engaging with the audience in a positive manner.