Do You Have To Wear a Mask After Covid Vaccine

The most important prevention from the COVID-19 virus is to receive a vaccine that has been provided by the Malaysian Government. Even so, after you receive the COVID-19 vaccine injection, you still need to follow the SOPs and wear a face mask as a protection when going outside. Let’s find out more through this article.

Do We Have To Wear Face Masks After We Are Fully Vaccinated?

According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, COVID-19 vaccine injections are very effective in protecting an individual from being infected with the virus and allowing a person to do activities that cannot be done during a pandemic. Based on the statement from the CDC, they are still undergoing studies and researches on how the vaccine will affect in preventing the spread of COVID-19 virus in the community.

The CDC also recommends that those who have completed the vaccination still need to be careful and take precautions such as:

  • Wear face masks
  • Keep social distancing of at least 6 feets from each other
  • Avoid being in crowded places
  • Avoid poor ventilated spaces in public area

Studies have also shown that COVID-19 virus infection can still occur even if an individual has completely received vaccine injections. It means that if you are infected, you still have the potential to spread the COVID-19 virus. According to Immunologists, vaccines can provide protection to an individual but their ability to prevent transmission of virus is still in doubt and unknown.

According to Infectious Disease Specialists, face masks and physical distancing need to be practiced continuously for a long period of time. According to him, even if we have received the vaccine does not mean we can return to the way of the  previous life. Individuals need to remain obey to the guidelines that have been set until we successfully reach the level of herd immunity, this vaccine is just one of the methods in preventing COVID-19 virus. In order to achieve herd immunity levels, 80% of the population needs to take Corona virus vaccine injections.

Meanwhile, according to the CDC there is flexibility given to individuals who have completed vaccine injections. Those who have been vaccinated are allowed to have small gatherings with the vaccinated individual without wearing a face mask.

Why Face Masks Still Need to Be Worn After Vaccination?

According to the Infectious Disease Specialist Doctor, he urged that individuals who have vaccinated still need to continue wearing face masks, the reasons are:

  1. The vaccine takes time to be fully effective in the body.

The vaccine injection takes 2 weeks for it to reach the proper level of effectiveness. Therefore it is very important for you to protect yourself and keep social distance until the vaccine has fully functioning  in your body.

  1. Vaccines do not provide 100% protection.

Although vaccines are very effective in prevention, there are still a few percent indicating the possibility of a person to be infected if the individual does not show any response to the vaccine after they receive the injection.

  1. Individuals who have been vaccinated might be asymptomatic spreaders.

Vaccines are used for preventive purposes, but further studies need to be carried out in order to determine whether the vaccine can prevent the spread of virus or not. Health experts also noted the possibility for asymptomatic individuals who have been vaccinated are able to transmit virus  to other individuals who have not been vaccinated yet. If vaccinated individuals do not continue wearing face masks until everyone is vaccinated, it will cause the COVID-19 virus to circulate around us.

  1. Need to protect other individuals who have weakened immune systems and cannot be vaccinated.

For your information, individuals with chronic diseases have the risk to experience more severe complications if they get infected with the COVID-19 virus. Since such groups are not involved in clinical trials, therefore we cannot assume that they will achieve the same level of effectiveness like us when receiving the vaccine. In addition, individuals who had allergic reactions are not allowed to take the vaccine. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take the vaccine and keep wearing face masks to prevent any transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

  1. Vaccines doses are very limited.

The world’s population is very large and the stock of existing vaccines is very limited, so the government needs more time to distribute vaccines to the community until herd immunity is achieved.

Have You Completed Your Vaccine Injection Dose?

Individuals who are categorized as fully vaccinated are:

  • 2 weeks after receiving the second dose of injection in two dose series
  • 2 weeks after receiving the single dose injection

If you have not yet reached this level of requirements, it means you are not fully vaccinated. Therefore you need to take precautions and follow SOPs and always wear face masks..


Even if you have been vaccinated, wearing a face mask as a protective measure is very important at this time for the purpose of precautions and to form a comprehensive herd immunity for a better future of a healthy community in Malaysia.