How to Prepare for SAT Examination?

How to Prepare for SAT Examination?

Whenever one sits for a competitive examination, they have to perform well in order to have their pick of colleges. But where should one start when it comes to the preparation part?

If one has decided to sit for this examination in a couple of months or in the coming year, then here are a few things that they need to follow:

Read Lots Of Nonfiction Outside Of Class

This particular examination is quite heavy on reading. One needs to read 5 long passages one after another and that too in a hour. The questions following them may not be that difficult but the reading part is actually quite tough. Because of continuous reading, the brain might lose energy and tend to skip a few part of those long and dense passages. If that happens then one might fail to answer the question later on. In order to prevent this from happening one has to do a lot of non fiction readings like columns, articles and non fiction books. In this way, the reading mind can become more stronger.

Learn How to Do Mental Math

There are two maths sections on the SAT examination where calculators are not allowed. One needs to make their mental calculator strong in such cases because they need to finish solving all the maths equations on time. There are plenty of e books available these days from where one can practice doing calculations mentally. If one is preparing for the examination at home, then they must take help from them.

Brush Up on Grammar

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Almost half of the verbal section in this examination is made of grammar questions. Here, one has to rely solely on basic grammar questions because this is one of the easiest part of the examination and hence for the preparations as well.

Use the Best SAT Prep Materials

There are plenty of study materials available in the market. But one needs to figure out which are the actual preparation materials for the SAT examination. One needs to find out the best study resources which are available and then go for a comprehensive review of the test.

There are lots of study materials out there. Not all are created equal; in fact some will hurt your score by providing you with questions that aren’t representative of the actual test. Take a look at some of the best study resources below or check out this comprehensive review of the best SAT prep courses.

Try Some Mixed Sample Tests

When it comes to SAT exam, there are 3 different parts to the test and they are reading, maths and writing. When one is preparing they need to prepare well for all the 3 sections equally. So in their regular study time table they need to practice all the three sections everyday each for an hour at least.

While preparing for the examination, working on the weakness is very important. One needs to emphasise that section more as compared to the others so that they can do well overall.