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Huawei App Gallery: A Paradigm Shift in App Discovery

Huawei App Gallery Vs Other App Stores

Benefits for Developers


Benefits for Users

Features of Huawei App Gallery

ASO optimization for AppGallery has the same goal and principles as ASO for AppStore or Google Play, but of course, it has its own features and characteristics. Let’s deal with the existing metadata with the possibility of further optimization.


App Store Name: 30 characters

Name on Google Play: 30 characters

The app name has the biggest impact on keyword indexing. It is visible to users at all times of interaction with the app store. This is especially important for apps that appear in the Featured tab, as users will only see the name and icon.

A Brief Introduction

The maximum allowed length is up to 80 characters.

It is an evaluation factor

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In a short introduction, you have 80 characters to convince visitors that your app is what they’re looking for, and more importantly, what value it provides to users. A brief introduction is displayed during interaction with users, with the exception of the Featured tab. However, keep in mind that the feature of the short splash screen is that the visible part can be up to 35 characters out of 80.

It is the most equivalent to the usual description on Google Play, the ranking factor and allows you to add 100 to 8000 characters, which is twice as much as in the App Store or Google Play. Since the entire description is indexed, we fill it with relevant keywords to increase the indexing of the application.

By analogy with Google Play and optimization with a full description, you can follow similar principles here and introduce users to all the features, functions and competitive advantages of your application. The experience of AppGallery specialists from ASO speaks of the importance of the first sentences in the description, focus on them because they will appear under the Brief Introduction.

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