Bluetooth Earphones

Should You Buy HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones

You should consider the battery life, sound quality and fixed performance of Bluetooth earphones. Waterproof performance, Bluetooth connection and voice call are important too. Is it worth buying HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones? Here are the scores and results from many old customers about the above aspects. The score ranges from 1 to 5. The higher the score, the better the function will be. The full score is 30 points. Score above 25 points means cost-effective.

Battery Life (4 points):

The official propaganda of battery life is 11 hours. Many customers use it for 3-4 days on weekdays. They didn’t think of charging at all. The overall feeling was powerful.

Highlight: you can connect the earphones to the phone. You can see the remaining power of the earphone.

Tone Quality (4 points)

The bass tone quality of these earphones is good. It has the feeling of shaking the eardrum and surging. The alto voice is cloudy. You can say the value of bass sound quality is higher than the price of £69. 99.

As a sports headset, bass has advantages in shaping the music atmosphere. HUAWEI can satisfy most music lovers in terms of sound quality. It is suitable to buy HONOR Bluetooth sports headphones for a bass lover.

Fixing performance (5 points)

The fixation of this earphone depends on shark fin ear brace. Clamp ear brace into the cochlea to realize fixation. Move the battery blocks on both sides down the center of gravity. To balance the counterweight. The earphone more stable.

Stethoscope Effect (4 points)

Stethoscope effect is a problem of many Bluetooth earphones. HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones empty the area on both sides with counterweights to avoid wire friction. The movement will feel little shaking with the light weight. The wire is routed from the back, and the middle section of the wire has a wire harness. Users can adjust to enhance stability. The stethoscope effect is solved a lot.

Bluetooth Earphones

Waterproof performance (5 points)

HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones supports IPX5 waterproofing. You can see it from the structure of the earphone. The whole earphone has almost no other gap except the sound hole. Sweat a lot or get caught in light rain will make no effects.

Bluetooth Play and Voice Communication Effect (4 Points)

Bluetooth connection can support within 10 meters in the open area. The earphones hear clear voice and no noise during the phone call.

Advantages: High appearance, strong endurance, rich earphone accessories and good earphone firmness. Stethoscope effect solution is good. waterproof performance is excellent. Bass is powerful.

Drawbacks: The overall sound quality of earphones are not clear enough. Some users experience details need more advance.

Summary: The total score is as high as 26 points. It is worthwhile to buy HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones.