Top 3 Hiking Spots In Europe

Rejuvenation is much needed after breaking your back on that assignment or office task that you have been putting so much effort for so many months. It is time to smell the green grass and feel the fresh air. Most people nowadays go hiking or trekking on mountains to unwind and get that extra energy back in life. Travelling is now cheaper than ever and you can also take the train to travel to most of the trekking spots in Europe. Europe offers some of the most diverse trekking trails that spans across multiple countries. Come take a look at the very best trekking trails in Europe.

The Mont Blanc Tour

Spanning across three nations of Italy, Switzerland and France, the 170 km Tour du Mont Blanc is easily one of the most popular multi-day treks in Europe. Like many treks, this one requires some amount of skill and determination to complete. It is a 10 day route roughly and allows you to enjoy the alpine ranges and hill forests. People stay over in the mountain huts which are plenty in number along with a pricier option of bed and breakfasts. It is by far one of the best trekking experiences in Europe. Apart from the basic mountaineering skills and mental determination there is not much in the way of unhindered nature’s essence and you. To help you climb the mountain of assignments there is college essay help.


Jungfrau in Switzerland is the physical representation of the free-flowing alpine mountain spirit. Some of the best trekking routes lie in Switzerland as characterized by the numerous visits by trekkers and mountaineer all year long, but Jungfrau takes the cake for the most exciting and fulfilling experience of trekking in the alpines. In spite of variations in difficulties and durations of many of these trekking paths, the Jungfrau stands at a towering 3466 m above the seas level. There is availability of mountain huts, hostels and camps for the traveller and mountain hiking enthusiasts


Alta Via 2

The Dolomites in Italy have some of the best hiking trails and the Alta Via 2 is the queen among them all. This challenging trek covers around 160 km spanning over 8-9 days at a stretch. One can expect to experience a variety of terrains along the trek including natural snow-capped peaks, traditional Italian villages and also the Sella Massif that has an appeal of its own. Guides are available in abundance to help you traverse these beautiful landscapes but you may also prefer to go solo on this adventure of a lifetime, given that you have proper knowledge of trekking remote areas and geographical sense of direction and pathways. No other special permits or prior notice is required for this trek. Writing my paper for me acts as a guide to traverse through difficult academic terrain of assignments.

Europe in general is a picturesque continent with large variation in landscapes and climate with rich cultural heritage and diverse group of people that welcome you and leave you in awe.