Why Hire a Specialized Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? You Might be Surprised

Why Hire a Specialized Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? You Might be Surprised

If you are involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle, the best way to make sure that you get the type of representation that you deserve is to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. Although there are literally thousands of different types of lawyers out there, when you become involved in an accident that has a specific type of injury, it is best to go with an attorney that knows the ins and outs of that particular kind of practice.

Motorcycle Riders are Different

It takes a lot of courage and practice in order to learn how to ride a motorcycle in traffic. It is one thing to ride a dirt bike out on the trails on a private road where there are no other motorcycles, cars, trucks, or pedestrians. It is a whole different level of riding when you ride a motorcycle in an environment that is filled with other traffic, pedestrians, dogs, and various dangerous obstacles.

If you were to take an average car driver that has never been on a motorcycle before and place them on a bike to let them ride as they want, they would not even know where to begin. Riding a motorcycle is a whole different experience than driving a car.

For starters, when you turn corners in an automobile, all you do is turn the wheel in the direction that you want to go. On a motorcycle, however, you have to lean into the turn and balance your body in a way that counters the bike so that you stay balanced as you almost hug the ground with your leg. Motorcycles move with your body. Cars move where you turn them. They are not even the same.

Not that automobile drivers are bad, or less than motorcycle riders, they are simply different. When it comes to representing a motorcycle rider in court, it takes an extra level of knowledge in order to best protect and serve the client. A motorcycle attorney will understand the needs of a rider more than just a regular lawyer.

Motorcycle Accidents

Not all motorcycle riders are safe, courteous, respectful abiders of the law. However, many of them are. It is difficult for automobiles to see riders sometimes because they appear so small in the mirrors, or they are riding in a blind spot. In any event, many times when a motorcycle gets into an accident with an automobile the injuries are serious.

One of the factors that cause so much damage for motorcycle riders is that cycles can go tremendously fast. Some motorcycle riders love the thrill of jamming down the road at high speeds while the wind whips past them and the sides of the road shoot by in a blur.

All it takes for everything to go horribly bad is if a vehicle pulls out in front of them. When a motorcycle is traveling over 100 miles an hour and a car pulls out in front of them it may as well be a brick wall. The rider can’t stop, and they are going way too fast to turn away from the impact. What happens, more often than not, is the motorcycle rider ends up dying on the scene.

This accident is no doubt the fault of the motorcycle rider. When a car turns onto a road they are not expecting oncoming traffic to be traveling at speeds upwards of 100 miles per hour.

However, if the person riding the motorcycle is obeying the traffic laws, is going the speed limit, and driving safely and that same car pulls out in front of them causing an accident it is a different story. In order for there to be an unavoidable impact, the car would have had to have pulled in front of the rider without much room to spare.

If the motorcyclist becomes injured and suffers loss because of the car pulling out in front of them, they will probably need a motorcycle attorney to represent them in court. Otherwise, the insurance company for the car owner would most likely try to put the blame on the motorcycle.

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Insurance Company Priority

The reason why people purchase insurance policies is so that if something happens, the insurance will pay the damages. There is homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, liability insurance, business insurance, and practically every type of insurance that you can think of.

When we pay for insurance, if nothing happens and we don’t need it, the insurance company keeps the money. They don’t give that money back, it belongs to them.

With that being said, if something does happen and they need to cover the costs of an accident they are prepared to go to court and fight to spend as little as they can in order to keep as much money as possible.

So, when you get into an accident and it is the fault of the other person, you can bet that the insurance company that they have covering them wants to keep their money. They don’t want to payout. What that means is that if they can manipulate the system in a way that puts you to blame, and merits the injuries that you suffered as your own fault they will not hesitate to throw you under the bus.

The main objective of every insurance agency is to keep as much money for themselves as possible. They go so far as to hire attorneys in-house so that they are paid for their services on a salary basis. This means that they are not paying any extra money for lawyers. Every penny that they spend is money that they have already accounted for. If that amount becomes threatened, they will fight harder to keep it in check.

They do not care about your injuries or your wellbeing. All they care about is their bottom line. Regardless of what they tell you.

How Hiring a Motorcycle Attorney Evens the Odds

Since it is in the insurance agency’s best interest to keep as much money as they can, they will go directly for the jugular vein and try to pin the responsibility of the accident on the motorcycle rider. It is easy to target riders because riding a motorcycle is dangerous in the first place.

A motorcycle attorney will be able to point out facts to the court that will show that you were riding at a safe speed while adhering to all of the safety laws that pertain to riding motorcycles. Since a motorcycle accident attorney will have an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to motorcycles, the laws that surround them, and the way that people ride them, they will most likely have an edge over the representatives of the insurance company.

The insurance company attorney may have knowledge about motorcycle laws and injuries, but they will not specialize in that arena. Many of the accusations that they could throw at the rider of the motorcycle would be shot down by the motorcycle lawyer because they know the facts.


All in all, at the end of the day, when it comes to circumstances that involve motorcycles it is best to have representation that actually knows about motorcycles as opposed to somebody that will stumble around the courtroom trying to make sense out of a topic that they do not understand. The best scenario is that you never have to worry about hiring an accident attorney for any reason, however, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, just know that you are better off hiring a lawyer that knows what they are doing.